Thursday 8 January 2009

I think I'm turning Japanese....

Udon Noodles, originally uploaded by electrolyte2006.

...I really think so.

I'm getting excited. So excited that I've posted a rubbish old photo of mine of some Japanese noodles. The reason? Well, you may recall from this blog of a couple of days ago that I start a shiny new job on Jan 19th. Well, one of my 1st tasks will be going to Japan for a week in mid February. I've never been to Japan - and in fact I've never been to Asia even - so I am really excited. Can't wait in fact. So sorry for the noodle photo but it is the most Japanese photo I have ever taken so it was the best I could do...

I'm flying into Tokyo on the weekend of February 14 and will be staying there until the 21st. Admittedly I've got quite a bit of work to do while I'm there but I don't care - I will be in Japan, possibly one of the coolest countries in the world! I have wanted to go for the last 20 years but have never had the opportunity.

And there should be 1000s of great photo ops so I will be making sure I can squeeze my camera bag on board. Apparently the area in Tokyo that the hotel I am staying in is situated reminded one reviewer on Trip Advisor of a scene from Bladerunner so I'm really looking forward to going for a wander with my camera.

So look out for plenty of Japanese photos on my blog and flickr in mid February.

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